100% natural & vegan Body Scrub - 200g

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French Beach is a sugar based, 100% natural & vegan body scrub with French lavender oil. The name refers to the fine texture of this well refined & rich product. The usage of ultra fine sugar, Orange Peels and French Lavender Oil give it a feeling of wet beach sand.
French Beach is so rich in moisture that there is no need for body lotion after showering. While the smell of lavender oil is calming you, your skin feels smoother and super soft afterwards.

Usage: Use Body Scrub after cleansing your body. Scrub your skin gently until sugar dissolves. Wash away with warm water. No need for Body Lotion afterwards. Use it 2-3 times a week. Recommended for every skin type.
Avoid water contact with the rest of Body Scrub in the jar!

Note: Our black Miron glass jar filters 100% sunlight for the safety of ingredients and makes a nice piece of design in your bathroom. The sticker can be removed easily, so you can use the jar after emptying.

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