I think it’s important for a man to have several fragrances because we experience several different moods in a week and fragrance is a way to feel each and every moment in a very intense way. A man should have a fragrance that’s suitable for each and every one of these moments.
— Christophe Pillet

What I´m talking about is building up a fragrance wardrobe in a way you do with clothes: a collection of fragrances to suit different situations and moods.

Given that not every fragrance works well at night and some are better than others at certain times of the year, it’s an approach that makes perfect sense. After all, like fashion, fragrance is largely contextual: in the same way, you wouldn’t show up to a black tie event wearing jeans and a t-shirt, you’re probably not going to wear a clean, fresh sports fragrance on a hot date when you want to smell sexy.

With this in mind, here’s how to build a very own fragrance wardrobe so it contains, not just your own signature eau de toilette, but a suggestion for the right scent for different situations.


the perfect companion for summer & grooming

the perfect companion for summer & grooming

Hot weather tends to have two effects on fragrances: it limits their lifespan on the skin but also intensifies them, which means heavy, musky, deeply woody scents often become overpowering in the summer heat.

That means it’s worth having a lighter, fresher, summer fragrance on hand for when the thermometer rises. For example, some fresh marine, green, herbal and especially citrus accords will work very well as they represent freshness and energy.


Much like sports kit is designed to enhance your performance, sports fragrances are designed to invigorate the senses and work well when you work up a sweat.

As an addition to a classic cologne formula, many brands add spicy, peppery or more complex citrus notes to their existing formula to give the fragrance zing and an instant, invigorating energy rush.


We all know how difficult it can be choosing just the right outfit for work, and picking the correct fragrance can be just as much difficult. You certainly can wear fragrance in a work context – you just have to wear the right fragrance.

Opt for light, clean-smelling citrus scents, barely-there fragrances and herbaceous, spicy colognes that will leave you smelling great and clean but won’t endanger the lung function of your colleagues. Don´t try to be the best smelling man in the office. Stay clean and wear something that makes you feel comfortable, like a tailored suit.


Our recomendation for the evening

Our recomendation for the evening

The evening is time to wear the heavier scents to strengthen your presence and identity. This probably explains why we tend to opt for stronger, more impactful fragrances when we’re dressing for dates.

Certain notes – vanilla and musk amongst them – naturally come across as being sensual but you’ll also want any evening fragrance to last all night.

With this in mind, it’s worth going for fragrances that contain notes like vetiver, patchouli, coumarin and amber, which are famous for their staying power. All of these notes are usually found in the base of the fragrance and act as the main support and strength, helping give it longevity on the skin.


In a way you love your signature scent it is important to have more than one fragrance at home. Like you don´t wear the same T-Shirt every day, you shouldn´t wear the same scent every day. Beside that it will be a pleasure for you to refine your taste in fragrance, like enhancing your taste in fashion, due to your mood and any occasion. Let yourself be inspired and try different fragrances by trial and error. Of course starting with all time classics try out niche brands because most of them will offer you a new and more intensive experience.

Let us know your own experience or give recommendations.