Art inspired niche fragrances & essential skincare



About l´essence lab

Founded by artist & designer Alexander von Pruemmer l´essence lab is a small laboratory in the heart of Berlin. Actually in the field of developing fine scents & a small range of 100% natural skincare products. It´s a scientific journey in the context between perception of images & moods, memories & scent.

We are our memories

The "lab" refers to the designers inspiration, coming from analytic engagement with art & music. The idea is about bringing moods and impressions, evoked through specific moments to life, store them, make them tangible and locate them with positive memories & the possibility to carry them as an invisible layer where ever you are.


About Alexander von Prümmer

Born in Lichtenfels, Germany in 1976

Alexander von Pruemmer took several apprenticeships & graduated in Fine Arts and Media Arts. 

He started his career with an apprenticeship as a porcelain painter, then took a second as a media designer for online media &, later on, he studied Fine Arts & Media Arts at the Academy of fine Arts in Nuremberg & ZKM Karlsruhe.

He worked for years in different design agencies, in the field between graphic design & media design as well as a free media artist. He always had a strong, inherent approach to music & art.

During the last years, he formed out a more & more individual approach on fashion, lifestyle & a sense for higher quality products. The need for expression as well as a life long search for the essence of things led him to his latest experiences. 

With a strong knowledge in craftsmanship & the need for new challenges, Alexander von Pruemmer quit his save job as CEO & decided to found his „l´essence“  label in Berlin in 2015 as a playground for new experiences, where all his sensual & playful preferences come together.

Alexander von Pruemmer l´essence is now an artistic & olfactoric concept, following inspiration both from Bauhaus to Pop Art.

Our cosmetic products are 100% natural, created without:

Synthetic ingredients, parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, phthalates, chemicals, fillers, mineral oils, petroleum & of course animal testing.

Note on the use of Synthetics in fragrance

Yes, we are using both, synthetic AND natural raw materials. You may ask why we use synthetics? Quite a lot of synthetics used in perfumery are extracted molecules from natural materials, so you can´t call them really synthetic. Another reason is, for example for 1kg of Rose Absolue you need about 3.5 - 5 tons of Rose leaves, means natural materials are labour & land intensive. When nature grows a plant each individual plant has a slightly different make up in its DNA & produces a slightly different mixture in the essential oil, the plants efficiency is varied by the soil quality, the amount of sunshine, water, wind etc. And so every year the oil composition changes. We only produce very small batches, buying very small amounts of raw materials. So a scent can differ in smell due to the varying smell of organic material charges used in a composition. Synthetics come always in the same, pure quality. In every synthetic material toxins are banned. We take care about you and our environment. 

We use only the best materials among others from: